Merry Christmas 2018

Just wanted to send you a note and a picture of “Bar Non Wyoming Dust” to brighten your holiday. On a spur of the moment idea of my daughter, Dusty and I entered and won the Tatman Mountain 25 mile endurance race this Fall in Basin WY. It was the first time for both of us so I was pretty excited. I can’t say enough about this awesome horse. She is now 12 and a daughter of your” famous” Pierre stud. Without any training or experience we completed the 28+ mile course in 3 hr and 26 min with at least 6 seasoned Arabians in the pack following. We were also awarded the Best Conditioned Horse because she was packing about 50 pounds more than 2nd place . She’s got a heart of gold, feet like iron, and seemingly no bottom end. She also watches a cow, herds goats, packs elk, loves the mountains and gets me to church on Sunday! Sometimes it’s just hard to be humble when you’ve been blessed with a horse like this and my wonderful wife that talked me into buying her from you. THANK YOU
Bruce and Teresa

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