Extremely Helpful

I reached out to Harvey Seidel looking for a Morgan Horse. I had some specifics and was interested in one I saw pictured on his website. He called me and explained to me why the initial horse I was interested in wasn’t the perfect one for me. I wanted a horse that would be a confident partner to trail ride alone 10 +/- miles some times. I also ride in groups both small and large, but more often than not I haul out and ride alone. Harvey recommended I look at 3 other horses. I was immediately drawn to Bar Non Red Shadow – a 3 year old Red Dun. I had previously said Never – which has taught me to NEVER SAY NEVER – would I buy a horse I had not touched and checked out in person! Yet, I felt drawn to and prayed about Shadow and knew he was the horse for me. I refer to him as a gift from God. Harvey shared that he was named Shadow because he would follow Harvey all around. Truth be told, I think Harvey favored this guy (probably favors all of his horses) and I hope he sensed I would be a perfect home for Shadow too! The hauler Harvey recommended was outstanding and now I have My Red Shadow! He is everything Harvey shared and more. He greets me with a nicker, is as sweet as can be, he follows me everywhere, he has a ton of heart and enjoys all of the work we have been doing as we get to know each other. I absolutely LOVE this horse! BUT WAIT there is more, you see my reason to look for another Morgan was because I had suddenly lost my Morgan horse to illness. I had envisioned 2015 to be the year I bought a second horse. I mentioned this to Harvey and he said there is another horse I keep thinking about for you. He is going to be big (he didn’t know my husband is 6’5″) so I said send me a picture. I now own not one but two beautiful Bar None Morgans! I also purchased a stunning 2 year old named Bar Non Black Diamond. He is so sweet and immediately bonded with my husband. I am training him and next year I look forward to trail riding with my husband around So. Texas. The two boys, as we lovingly call them, have blessed our hearts! Bar None Morgans are beautifully bred horses with wonderful Morgan characteristics and charm. God Bless Harvey & Lois for the integrity they have in there breeding program and the manner in which they do business. Thank YOU Harvey.

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