Beautiful Morgans

I am a 50+ year old rider who has owned horses since my teens and ridden since i could walk. Morgans have always been my breed of choice, however in recent years I had difficulty finding my ideal: a Morgan with a manageable and willing disposition, that was versatile, companionable and comfortable. Then I found Bar-None Morgans. I have found Harvey Seidel to be a man of his word. He represents his horses honestly and completely. I purchased a 6 year old gelding (Monte) from Harvey based on a photo, a short video, and Harvey’s description of his temperament and suitability to my needs. Harvey advised me about shippers to bring Monte from Wyoming to Indiana. The shipper I selected (with his approval) provided excellent care and delivered right to our door. I have owned Monte for 16 months now and I could not be more pleased. He is everything Harvey said and more. Riding is a joy. I have a partner who wants to be with me, loves attention, strives to do what I request, and has an excellent work ethic. Monte is gorgeous physically, but more importantly, he has a beautiful disposition, responsive and respectful. I will always return to Bar-None Morgans when I am looking to purchase another Morgan. I can never thank you enough, Harvey for your dedication to producing beautiful using Morgans true to their heritage.

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